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City Council to consider new 1-yr contracts for manager, employee associations

July 17, 2009

**UPDATE (12:46 p.m.): I just learned that the Glendale City Employee’s Association could not achieve a majority vote ratifying the 1-yr contract absent of a pay increase. City officials, who recently learned of the vote, said they are evaluating their options. Either way, the GCEA contract will not come to the council on Tuesday.**

CITY HALL — I just picked up the City Council packet this morning and on the agenda for next week are new 1-year contracts for the Glendale Manager’s Association and the Glendale City Employee’s Association.

The usual city critics often rail against the pay and benefits that city employees receive, but this year both associations have negotiated contracts notably absent of any cost of living increases.

The associations agreed to the lack of increases in light of the city’s recent $9.7 million in budget cuts.

Earlier this year, the Glendale Firefighter’s Association, which was in the middle of its contract, also agreed to forego increases.

The new GMA and GCEA contracts make the Glendale Police Officers’ Association, the only association to be receiving pay increases this fiscal year.

The City Council repeatedly urged the police association, which was also in the middle of a 4-year contract, to follow fire’s lead to help protect against departmental cuts.

But the association refused to reopen its contract.

In terms of the GMA and GCEA contracts, also notable is the fact that the agreement is only for one-year as opposed to a more typical two or four year period.

City officials have said this is due to the unpredicatbility of the current economic climate.

For more information on the new contracts, check back at or pick up Monday’s print addition.

Or check out earlier stories I have written on the contract issues:

June 24, “Budget puts police on chopping block”

June 16, “Council, police hit an impasse”

June 2, “Budgeting process won’t wait”

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