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Constitutional convention proposal gaining ground with residents, legislators

July 22, 2009

The idea of tearing up chunks of California’s constitution and starting anew is gaining traction among area lawmakers and residents who say the state’s government has become overly complex and incapable of effectively solving problems.

Lawmakers have increasingly called for major government reforms as recent struggles to solve the state’s financial crises have hit walls, but only during the state’s latest budget stalemate have they become more receptive to proposals for a rewriting of major portions of the document that sets the foundation for California.

Although leading legislators and Gov. Arnold Schwarzeneggers reached an agreement Monday on a solution for solving the state’s $26-billion budget, the plan includes a series of questionable maneuvers and dramatic cuts that Californians should not have to stand for, Republican Assemblyman Anthony Adams said.

The solution was drafted after a protracted standoff that illustrated the real obstacles preventing leaders from creating sensible plans, Adams said.

“From my perspective, the state has so many incredibly unique challenges that it may be time to take a good, hard look at a top-to-bottom approach to redoing government,” Adams said.

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