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July 29, 2009

This Saturday the residents of Briggs Terrace in Crescenta Valley participating in the evacuation drill will have to take a hard look at what is worth saving and what should be left behind. Even though it is only an evacuation drill the sounds of chirping sirens and fire engines lining the street will bring a surreal reality to what we all know is a possibility —wild fires. Everyone whether they are Briggs Terrace residents or not should take this time and create an emergency plan. LA County Fire has a brochure, “Ready! Set! Go!” that includes a check list on what you can do to get ready. Talk to your family about how to get out of your home in case of fire and where you will meet. Have an emergency bag ready and know where important papers are to grab quickly if asked to evacuate. We know that vegetation is dry and with high winds and temperatures the danger for fire increases. Preparing for fire emergency can also help with others disasters like an earthquake. I encourage everyone to spend some time and plan ahead. If it never happens then you’ve spent some quality time with your family but if it does it could save your life.

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