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Californians are not happy with state leaders. Where do you stand?

July 30, 2009
Creative Commons

Creative Commons

Approval ratings for legislators and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger are at record lows, according to a survey released Wednesday by the Public Policy Institute of California.

How do you feel about the state’s elected officials and where they are taking California?

In case you were wondering about the survey, below is a rundown of its findings. Tell us what you think:

Schwarzenegger’s approval rating was 28%, the lowest his has ever been and the lowest rating for a California governor since Gray Davis received an approval rating of 26% in 2003, according to the institute.

Even lower was the Legislature’s rating, which reached an abysmal 17%, a record low, according to the institute.

Just 14% of Californians think the state is heading in the right direction, also a record low.

President Obama’s rating, on the other hand, remains high in California, at 65%, although the July figure is down from 72% in May.

The institute also polled Californians on their stances on environmental issues.

While 66% of residents support the state’s targets for lowering greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels by 2020, 51% support allowing oil drilling off the coast of California to generate revenue for the state.

Although 47% of Californians believe global warming is a very serious threat to the economy and their quality of life, that figure is down from 54% in 2007 and 52% in 2008.

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