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Gadfly prompts City Council walk out

August 5, 2009

Things have been tense in recent weeks between City Council members and gadfly Mike Mohill.

And this week’s meeting, which took place at a special afternoon time because of last night’s National Night Out events, was no exception.

The meeting started with a jovial atmosphere but turned sour during oral communications when Mohill referenced a post from this very blog.

The post discussed events from last week when Councilman John Drayman called Mohill “an ignorant, racially insensitive nutcase” and Councilman Ara Najarian said he would no longer put up with Mohill’s “inappropriate” comments.

Yesterday, Mohill said he wanted to “fight back” against the council member’s comments and my post.

“To call me racially insensitive is a very sinister attack,” he said.

He then continued down a similar path of statements he has made in the past, which triggered Najarian to call “Point of Order” to try to get Mr. Mohill shut down for being out of order.

But Asst. City Atty. Mike Garcia said that “as offensive” as the remarks may be, they were within Mohill’s First Amendment Rights of public comment.

Najarian and Drayman then walked out of the meeting, resulting in a lack of quorum since Councilman Dave Weaver was absent, thus resulting in a mandatory adjournment and cutting Mohill off from his alloted time for oral communications.

The News-Press has already received one e-mail questioning this event as a violation of Mohill’s First Amendment Rights.

Council members argue that they shouldn’t be subjected to “racially insensitive” comments.

What do you think?

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