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Near-Earth object website

August 5, 2009

Hollywood has gotten a lot of mileage out of the possibility of an asteroid heading to Earth. It always seems to catch humans by surprise, as if no one was watching or even thinking of this scenario as a possibility. That is what happens in the movies, in reality scientists are and have been looking skyward for a long time and now they can share the information they have gathered with the general public. Jet Propulsion Laboratory has introduced a new website to provide information on near-Earth objects, asteroids and comets that can approach Earth. For over 30 years JPL’s Don Yeomans have studied near-Earth objects and said he “finds them to be scientifically fascinating.” Some of the objects are potentially dangerous to Earth. The goal of the website is to provide the most up-to –date and accurate information. They even have a Twitter feed for those who need that constant asteroid information update. This is a great website with so much information. Visit the site at

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