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Snarky e-mail of the week

August 10, 2009

City activist Carol Weling copied the News-Press on an e-mail she sent today to City Atty. Scott Howard announcing her intention to file a formal complaint in response to an e-mail she received from an anonymous “civil servant.”

The e-mail in question was also in the message, and let me tell you, it is one of the snarkiest messages I have read in a while.

The e-mail, which claims to be from an anonymous city employee, tears Weling apart for an e-mail she wrote to the city protesting a water waste citation.

It looks like an employee has gone a bit off the deep end or more likely someone is impersonating a city employee.

Some snippets of the lengthy e-mail:

  • It seems to us in City Hall and the various city offices that even most children in the city seem to understand this basic, simple principle with regard to day-time watering, and it puzzles us that some adults appear to be flummoxed by it.”
  • Now, given all your lecturing me about how to run my department, and our apparent mutual agreement that training and experience are important, how about telling me your training and experience as the General Manager of a municipal utility so that I can assess the worth of your input?
  • In closing, be assured this response to you was NOT written by Glenn Steiger. He, and so many others, only WISH they could get away with addressing you in the same manner you address them. But that wouldn’t be very good “customer service,” would it?

It looks like some resident is having a bit of fun at Weling’s behalf, but she seems to believe it’s a city employee and is not pleased.

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