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Eunice Kennedy’s passing

August 11, 2009

CNN has reported that Eunice Kennedy Shriver died today, Tuesday. I met Mrs. Shriver when I was a teenager in Iowa. My politics teacher took a group of us to the Democrat Convention where we were given open assess to Presidential canidates. I was in a room with then candidate Sargent Shriver when Mrs. Shriver entered. All at once the media turned, camera’s began clicking, questions were being yelled and they literally mobbed her. My friend and I were standing next to Mrs. Shriver, we took her arm backed into another room and closed the door. We waited there until security was called to blaze a safe path. During the time in that small room, we had a wonderful conversation about the campaign trail and joked about smiling all the time. She was gracious, kind and generous allowing us to ask questions about her family and their political history. My friend and I weren’t old enough to vote yet but understood enough about politics and the pressure she was under and the courage it took for her to walk out onto the politcal areana. There will be tributes to her highlighting her many accomplishments but I hope there is also time to look at the diginity in which she lived her life and her grace that is not readily found in public figures today.

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