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National SAT scores slide

August 25, 2009

Graduating seniors scored lower on the SAT in 2009 than they did in 2008, according to averages released today by the exam’s governing body, the College Board.

Creative Commons

Creative Commons

The 2009 graduating class had a composite score of 1,509 out of a possible 2,400, compared with an average of 1,511 in 2008. 

This year’s college-bound seniors averaged 501 in critical reading, 515 in mathematics and 493 in writing. In 2008, the average score in critical reading was 502; in mathematics, 515; and in writing, 494. The writing section of the SAT was introduced in 2005. In 2006, the first year the writing scores were reported for the college-bound seniors cohort, the average writing score was 497.

The class of 2009 was also the most diverse group of test takers in SAT history, according to the College Board.

More than 1.5 million students (1,530,128) in the class of 2009 took the SAT, the most widely used and researched standardized college admission test. Of those, 40.0 percent were minority students. This is an increase from 38.0 percent in 2008 and 29.2 percent in 1999, reflecting the steady growth in SAT minority participation rates.

See the full announcement here.

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