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Yet another helpful Google update

September 8, 2009

Let me start with this preface — Like most Los Angeles residents, I spend a decent amount of time behind the wheel of my car. Since I got  my Honda Civic in May, I’ve easily racked up 7,000 miles. (Thank goodness for fuel efficiency.)

Google Maps

Google Maps

And while I have a handy-dandy GPS system, I do not pay the extra fee to have it set up with traffic updates. Thus, and Google Maps is my friend.

Before grabbing  my car keys at the end of the day, I always hold my breath awaiting the traffic update, praying for the rare green line that means my commute home will be a breeze.

Well thanks to the LA Times Technology blog, I’ve learned that Google Maps has added an ever-so-helpful feature — now, not only can you check traffic on major freeways, you can also see traffic on major streets as well.

I tried it out with the News-Press office address and sure enough, press the traffic  button and up pops the conditions on Brand Boulevard, Glenoaks Boulevard, Glendale Avenue and other major thruways.

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