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Furlough Wednesday?

September 16, 2009
Source: Creative Commons

Source: Creative Commons

As a journalist, I am very familiar with furlough Fridays.

  • All non-essential state employees are furloughed (or required to take non-paid days off) on Fridays, which can make reporting news stories with any state-angle quite difficult.
  • And of my journalist friends who have been furloughed by their respective employers, Friday is the most popular day to take off. Hey, if you’re going to have a day without pay, you might as well spend it at the beach or hitting up Friday happy hours.

But I was not so familiar with Furlough Wednesdays…

This morning, I woke up extra early to make sure I made it to downtown L.A. in time for a court case I was set to cover.

Needless to say, I was not thrilled to discover that the court house was closed, thanks to city furloughs. Neither were dozens of other Los Angeles residents trying unsuccessfully to get into the court house.

Wednesday seems an odd day to furlough, but who am I to judge? Such is life during the age of budget crises, I guess.

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