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Adams Hill Assoc. widens membership

September 22, 2009

From an Adam Hill Homeowners Assoc. news release:

On Sunday, September 20, 2009 the membership of the Adams Hill Homeowners Association took a historic vote and changed the nature of their group.  From now on the name of the association is the Adams Hill Neighborhood Association, and membership will no longer be restricted to homeowners.  In fact, in a first in the city of Glendale,
businesses located within the boundary of the association’s territory will also be eligible  to become members.

Said Christopher Welch, the association’s president: “Given the issues facing the city of  Glendale: budget cuts to police and neighborhood services, mortgage pressures on  homeowners and the continuing encroachment of inappropriate uses, we felt it was  important that our Association speak with the voice of the entire community, not just the homeowners.  We all need to look out for each other and not just rely on the authorities.  That means we need to be more inclusive of how we view our neighborhood.”

The vote taken was to amend the association’s bylaws including both the name change and the change in membership eligibility.  There was not universal agreement to the  changes.  Two amendments were put forward: the first to restrict that officers of the  Association still must be homeowners, and the second to keep the name as it was.  Both amendments were voted down by the membership, though the first was a close vote.  The Board of the Association may retain the former name as its legal name for the time  being while adding a DBA with the new name, but they’ve otherwise not yet determined  any timeline for implementation (e.g. a new logo, stationary, etc.).

There was some mention by Michael Teahan of possible issues with the Glendale  Homeowners Coordinating Council.  Mr. Teahan is a board member of Adams Hill, as well as currently serving as president of the Coordinating Council.  “While the membership of the Coordinating Council has historically been composed of Homeowners groups, the
bylaws are a little vague as to how they are defined and we are looking at clarifying the  issue over the next few months,” says Teahan.

Teahan was nonetheless personally supportive of the changes taken by Adams Hill members.  “I don’t think that the mission of our association to improve quality of life and promote responsible development for Adams Hill will change,” he said “and it is my hope  that the coordinating council can find the appropriate mechanism to continue having
Adams Hill among its members. Every association is a little different and Adams Hill has  a responsibility to act first in its own best interest.”

For More Information Contact:   Christopher Welch:  (818) 244-7099;  Michael Teahan:  (323) 447-7306

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