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County crime down nearly 10% in key categories

September 22, 2009

Homicides, rapes, robberies and aggravated assaults dropped nearly 10% in Los Angeles County over the last year, Sheriff Lee Baca said Monday.

Murders were down about 23%, according to a county news release.

The county credited several programs for the drop in crime, according to the release: 

The marked decrease in crime can be contributed to several aspects of crime prevention providing a successful blend of law enforcement and intervention programs.  Social programs, such as  the “Gifts for Guns” program, which aided in getting 3,853 guns off the streets, were factors in helping to reduce the amount of crime throughout the county.  Sheriff’s Department personnel work hard to vigorously investigate and prevent crimes, while building and maintaining working relationships with the communities they serve.  A prime example of a community outreach program would be the “Sheriff’s Youth Activities League” (YAL).  The Sheriff’s YAL provides a safe, supportive haven for counseling, educational tutoring and after-school recreational activities for youth.  These programs provide an alternative to gangs and drugs.

The diverse social, educational, and law enforcement programs coupled with the hard work and proactive policing of Department personnel, has positively resulted in the decrease in crime for the county.  “Each Captain is empowered to come up with creative solutions.  Our presence makes a difference, cops make a difference.  In order to make a difference we have to pursue criminals,” added Sheriff Baca.

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