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Feet first

October 5, 2009

Dr. Scholl’s has teamed up with CVS/Pharmacy to offer a snazzy new way for poor, flat-footed souls like me to make use of their custom-fit insoles. So when I saw a TV commercial trumpeting the stores’ new hi-tech devices that purportedly analyze your feet, I headed to South Glendale to check it out.


Of course, living with the stigma of being flat-footed–information that initially conjures images from “March of the Penguins” — can sometimes be difficult, especially after years of competitive football and dancing action. But orthotics can help to correct some of the problems caused by less-than-perfect arches. The main obstacle, though, is they can be expensive — and the new custom-fit  insoles from Dr. Scholl’s are no exception ($49.95 for a pair).

Still, I thought the idea of standing on a high-tech foot scanner would be fun, so I gave it a shot. The device, at the back of the store on the corner of Los Feliz and San Fernando roads, is like some sort of advanced vending machine with a touch-screen display.

I removed my shoes and stepped onto the foot outlines of the sensor, then followed a set of directions for leaning and balancing so the machine could detect how my weight was distributed about my foot. It highlighted the areas of pressure with different colors and eventually directed me to the $50 insoles that were right for me.

As much as I was wowed by the process and the apparent availability of custom-fit orthotics without having to go to a podiatrist, I’ll decide at a later date whether they’re worth the money. Until then, you can probably find me at the back of the store, repeatedly testing out the machine’s accuracy.

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