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NFL withholds its best pink goods

October 6, 2009

Apparently the NFL’s latest hot pink products aren’t all for sale.

Football watchers may have noticed professional players sporting pink wristbands, hats and football cleats over the weekend, part of the NFL’s efforts to boost awareness for breast cancer screenings and prevention.  NFL goes pink

It’s a noble cause, but some of the league’s best stuff isn’t up for grabs.

You can buy a pink mini helmet to put on your desk or some pink T-shirts for your kids, but if you want to sport the bright pink football gloves on a field near you–like so many too-cool pros did on Sunday and Monday night–you won’t be able to. 

I was concerned, so I twittered @OfficialNFLShop on Sunday asking: “Why aren’t you selling those amazing pink gloves??”

@OfficialNFLShop: “sorry we don’t carry those…we do have other items though that support a great cause –

Bad form, I say. That is a prime opportunity to have the one product being flashed on screen the most–the pink gloves– being bought by consumers and flaunted on football fields everywhere to further promote breast cancer awareness. Who knows, maybe you would’ve seen them in a few local high school games.

To the NFL’s credit, you can get pink wristbands. No headbands though.

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  1. grisbe permalink
    October 7, 2009 4:07 pm

    And what does this really do to help find a cure for breast cancer? Pretty much nothing. But it does help retailers sell more product to well meaning consumers:

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