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Lexus of Glendale steppin’ up

October 7, 2009

Johnny Harrison, vice president at Lexus of Glendale on Brand Boulevard, has donated more than $4,700 to supply Glendale Unified School District with hand sanitizer.

“Not going to allow a child to die on our watch,” Harrison said. “Hand sanitizer is the least we can do.”

You might remember my story on this, but the district bought kegs worth of sanitizer to help prevent the spread of H1N1 influenza virus, which has already been detected at several Glendale Unified campuses.

“Supporting schools is the easy part,” Harrison said at Tuesday’s Board of Education meeting. “You’ve got the difficult task to make kids into adults.”

He also informed the Board of Education of a nationwide Lexus challenge that would reward the school that presents a program to Lexus on eco-friendly land and water use. Lexus will reward the school with $10,000, and Harrison said he’d match that if a Glendale campus wins.

There’s more information about the competition here.

“Nothing our principals like more than a challenge,” school board President Mary Boger said.

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