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Food for thought on the Glendale hunger strike

October 8, 2009
(Raul Roa/News-Press)

(Raul Roa/News-Press)

I didn’t know what to expect yesterday when I headed out to cover a youth hunger strike  to protest protocols for talks between Turkey and Armenia.

Hunger strikes were something I had always associated with monks in a far off time, so to hear that people around my age were taking one on intrigued me.

Were they actually not eating anything? They had to be cheating right?

Well, from my observations, they weren’t.

On the corner of Glenoaks Boulevard and Central Avenue near the Armenian Consulate, I talked to several of the 32 full-time strikers who will only consume water for 96 hours.

No food for four days? I get hungry if I skip lunch!

Regardless of your thoughts are on what they are protesting, it was inspiring to see a group of college-age students so passionate they were willing to put themselves through such physical pain.

I sure couldn’t go that long without food.

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