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Tax refund check, Part Deux

October 13, 2009

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Readers: you may remember in September I shared my story about cashing my $29 tax refund check (which I later learned was actually a registered warrant) only to get hit with a bounced check and its associated fees.

Well, it’s now past Oct. 1, when the warrants are allowed to be cashed.

I haven’t yet attempted to cash mine, but I got this comment today from a reader:

“This gets even better…I waited until the prescribed date to deposit my tax refund check AND IT STILL BOUNCED. I was charged a returned item fee, which my bank immediately reversed under a line item called “10/09 CA WARR RET FEE REV,” which I assume is short for California Warrant Return Fee Reversal. If my bank has gone to the trouble of creating a line item with this title, I’m guessing people’s tax refunds are bouncing left and right. Now what?”

Anyone else had similar issues?

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  1. Andy permalink
    November 16, 2009 5:49 am

    Same happen with me, following the directions in the latter I deposited the registered warrant check after Oct 10th. Still the check bounced, my bank charged the penalty but later on the bank reversed that penalty.

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