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Battle over eggs

October 14, 2009

The Humane Society of America claims that Glendale-based International House of Pancakes doesn’t use “cruelty-free” eggs.

So the Humane Society is now asking the public to urge the restaurant chain to stop using eggs from caged hens.

The humane society claims the restaurant chain is using eggs from hens that are raised in extremely confined spaces.

Creative Commons

Creative Commons


The Early Edition – Glendale News-Press

October 14, 2009
Jim Smiley, 12, unloads sandbags as the rain comes down at his home on Maurice Drive south of Manzanita Street in La Crescenta on Tuesday. (Raul Roa/News-Press)

Jim Smiley, 12, unloads sandbags as the rain comes down at his home on Maurice Drive south of Manzanita Street in La Crescenta on Tuesday. (Raul Roa/News-Press)

Preparing for disaster again
LA CRESCENTA — Foothill residents raced to fill up sandbags and construct mud deflectors Tuesday evening as rain poured steadily against hillsides blackened by the Station fire.

Diocese moves into St. Luke’s
LA CRESCENTA — A day after it gained control of St. Luke’s of the Mountains Church, the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles initiated a major property makeover.

Grant boosts ‘green’ plans
LA CRESCENTA — Los Angeles County supervisors Tuesday allocated $15.4 million in federal stimulus money for numerous energy-efficiency programs; among them was one that will allow property owners to tie improvement loans to the land and not their credit.

Praying for a rain delay
LA CRESCENTA — The burned hillsides of Deukmejian Wilderness Park had raised so much concern about rain runoff and mudslides that Renee McFadden bought flood insurance two weeks ago. Now she’s wondering whether it will help.

Early rally sparks Tologs
LA CAÑADA FLINTRIDGE — After what the Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy volleyball team did to visiting Chaminade in the first game of Tuesday’s Mission League match, it was hard to imagine the Tologs losing to the Eagles.

CV teams up to hold down Hoover, 15-9
NORTHWEST GLENDALE — A season prior, the Crescenta Valley High boys’ water polo team survived its match against an upstart Hoover squad, escaping with a one-goal victory.

The road warriors are back at Glendale Community College, and our city’s few remaining law-abiding drivers are once again at risk of life and limb while in proximity of the school.

VIDEO: Bracing for flood impact

October 13, 2009

I was in the Foothills this morning and spotted a home with six concrete barriers to protect it from oncoming rain runoff, mud and rock debris that could come with heavy rains.

Authorities are concerned about possible mudslides after fires ripped through Deukmejian Wilderness Park and other areas above Foothill neighborhoods.

VIDEO: Episcopal Church making over St. Luke’s

October 13, 2009

The Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles already started renovations on the property of St. Luke’s of the Mountains Church — bulldozers are at work and a new sign is up.

The site was occupied by St. Luke’s Anglican Church until it’s court-mandated move-out date Monday.

Click here for a story about the legal battle.

VIDEO: ‘Daily Show’ takes on CNN

October 13, 2009

My biggest fear is getting caught in one of Jon Stewart’s riffs against the mainstream media. I’ve watched many episodes of “The Daily Show” over the years and nothing, seriously, absolutely nothing comes close to how hard Stewart ripped into CNN on Monday night.

The show often features Stewart’s several-minute-long montages exposing cable news networks’ double standards, weaknesses and errors. But this is more than just a shot across the bow. It’s genius.

Click here to watch.

Tax refund check, Part Deux

October 13, 2009

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Readers: you may remember in September I shared my story about cashing my $29 tax refund check (which I later learned was actually a registered warrant) only to get hit with a bounced check and its associated fees.

Well, it’s now past Oct. 1, when the warrants are allowed to be cashed.

I haven’t yet attempted to cash mine, but I got this comment today from a reader:

“This gets even better…I waited until the prescribed date to deposit my tax refund check AND IT STILL BOUNCED. I was charged a returned item fee, which my bank immediately reversed under a line item called “10/09 CA WARR RET FEE REV,” which I assume is short for California Warrant Return Fee Reversal. If my bank has gone to the trouble of creating a line item with this title, I’m guessing people’s tax refunds are bouncing left and right. Now what?”

Anyone else had similar issues?

The Early Edition – Glendale News-Press

October 13, 2009
Glendale city workers prepare foothill neighborhoods for possible flooding and mudslides on Monday. (Roger Wilson/News-Press)

Glendale city workers prepare foothill neighborhoods for possible flooding and mudslides on Monday. (Roger Wilson/News-Press)

No entrance for mud
LA CRESCENTA — Foothill residents stacked sandbags Monday, feverishly preparing against potential mudslides brought on by forecasted heavy rain this week in the Station fire burn areas.

Suspect wanted for small fire
GLENDALE — Los Angeles County Sheriff’s homicide detectives are searching for a 25-year-old transient, wanted for questioning regarding a small fire that occurred in the same vicinity — but six days before — the deadly Station fire.

School board supports laws to get more funds
GLENDALE — Educators and administrators are eagerly anticipating their share of billions in federal stimulus and recovery money, but are deeply concerned regarding state rules that may affect their eligibility for the funds.

Governor shuts down bill
GLENDALE — Utility officials expressed relief Monday after the governor vetoed legislation that would have mandated that utilities use in-state resources to cut emissions 33% by 2020

Kalii Robinson didn’t want another letdown.

Faieta takes third in a row
GLENDALE — Bob Faieta did it again and he made it look easy.